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Created on 2009-05-17 21:05:59 (#352729), last updated 2009-05-23 (435 weeks ago)

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Name:Feel Good Fic
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:This community was created as a place to rec fic that makes you feel good
You know those stories that you read that just made you feel good? The world seemed to fade away and you were completely carried away by what you were reading? It might have been a silly drabble that made you smile, a crazy crack-filled story that made you laugh until your sides hurt, or a multi-chaptered work that had you forgetting about real life for awhile so you could finish it in one sitting.

Sometimes the difference between a good day and bad day can be as simple as reading a story that you love.

Welcome to Feel Good Fics. This community was created to share those stories; the ones that we’ve found that made us feel good.

This doesn’t mean that every fic has to be sunny and happy. The characters can go through difficult times. There can be angst. But the fic needs to fit the following criteria. 1) The fic has a happy ending. 2) You enjoyed reading the fic. If the story you want to rec fits those requirements, then please share.

This community is meant to be fun and enjoyable, like the stories that we’ll be reccing. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to have some rules. Yeah, that sucks, but they’re meant to keep our mods and members from going crazy (or crazier), so please read and follow them.

Rule #1. Do not bring wank and drama into the community. This community was created to help people forget about the negative so please do not add to that negativity by creating drama.

Rule #2. Be polite. No flaming of members, authors, stories and whatever else that could be possibly flamed.

Rule #3 List the fandom in the subject line. Please rec only one fandom per post to make it easier for everyone to find their favorite type of stories. Multiple posts are encouraged, if they’re on topic.

Rule #4. Post links to the stories, not the stories themselves. Please use this format when posting a rec. (Click the html formatting option when the posting screen loads up and paste the code there and add the necessary info)


If you want, please tell us why you liked the story (without giving away the major plot points, of course!) Discussion of the stories is encouraged.

Rule #5. Include warnings when necessary. Please post a warning if the fic is rated higher than R, contains spoilers, violence, explicit content, incest, etc. If in doubt, post a warning.

Rule #6. Tag your fic so that our members can find their type of story easily. Please tag fic for fandom, rating, het/slash (if either one is in the story), and pairing (if any). Existing tags can be found HERE Don’t see the tag you need? Post HERE and it’ll be added to the list.

Rule #7. Please put long posts and posts that discuss spoilers beneath LJ cuts.

Rule #8. Feedback is shiny. Please leave feedback for those stories that you’ve enjoyed and for the people that share those stories with us.

Rule #9. (which is one of the most important rules) Have fun!


What happens if you break the rules? Infractions will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In most situations, the moderators will use the 'three strikes, you're out' philosophy. Warnings will be sent to members that break the rules. More serious offenses (flaming, harassment, etc) may result in banning.

Disclaimer: The owners and moderators of this site are not responsible for the content of the recs posted on this site.

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